Its all in the details..

I’ve had my fair share of fines/tickets, I admit… .A red light once, a speeding one once, a few more parking tickets than I would like. But this past weekend I received a parking fine that I knew, indisputably, was issued wrongly.

My boyfriend has been training for a triathlon for the past 2 months so we decided to go for a swim at Elwood Beach on Sunday. I paid the most ridiculous fee of $4.40 per hour and went down to the sand with my book.

I came back 5 minutes before my parking expired and noticed a car a couple of spots away from me had a ticket on the windscreen so I thought I would have a look at the timestamp to see if there were inspectors around. The ticket said 5:24pm.

So I put some more money in, until 6:25pm. We jumped back in the car at 6:19pm happily thinking I don’t have to pay for anymore parking when bam! My world stopped (sorry, I have a flair for the dramatic). There flapping in the wind was a parking fine. I stopped. Grabbed it. Looked at it. And laughed. It was the SAME parking ticket I had spied on before!

I only realised this because of the time stamp. 5:24pm. If I hadn’t checked it properly, I may have paid for it because the car make was Toyota. Same as ours. But of course the registration was different.

This situation could’ve had a few outcomes.

1: I could’ve paid it and been out of pocket $72.00

2: I could’ve found another car and put it on theirs – but I didn’t because I’m not an asshole

3: I keep it and let the actual driver cop the fine plus the late administration fee – because even though I’m not an asshole, this driver deserves it.

I called the local council and told them to put a note on that infringement number if the driver tries to get out of it with the excuse “But I never got it!” because maybe I am a bit of an asshole.


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Mind drift #1

I never thought I would be able to tell the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini.  I also thought this would immensely disrupt my life.

The Great American Food Battle, in Melbourne….Australia.

American food is awesome. Who can dispute that?!

Burgers.  I love them. I could eat them everyday. I don’t. I won’t. But I could. I’ve never had a mission to find the best burger ever (my fave so far was from seriously its not a hype). But in Melbourne it was hard. There weren’t that many options to get American burgers. Of course there was always Hungry Jacks (Burger King’s Australian counterpart) or your local fish and chip joint but they were aussie burgers, not the same…

Then came Soda Pop, and Misty’s Diner and then the tidal wave hit. We have so many American style food places in Melbourne now its ridiculous. Ridiculously good. There are so many I can’t even count them. There are so many we probably don’t even know they’re there!

Anyway on the weekend I happened to visit two. First up Misty’s Diner. I liked this place a lot. The first time I heard about it was on Food Safari, Maeve loved it and I couldn’t wait to try it. So off we went. The burger I remember being nice, not amazing but still good. My OH had the ribs; again, they were ok but nothing to rave about.

On Saturday however we happened to be in the area, parked across the road…we were starving for lunch so we thought “why not?”. I ordered the cheeseburger with mayo and my OH got the Chicago dipped beef sandwich. The beef sandwich came out wayyy too quick which was weird to begin with and when OH picked it up to take a bite, it fell apart. To their credit the menu states not to attempt to pick the sandwich up though the wait staff should have brought cutlery out. Still, it was gross; the cut of meat was awful, full of fat and stuff. The cheeseburger took forever and a day to come out and when it did it was a dry bun with small pattie, coagulated cheese and like a kilo of mayo. Even after scraping most of it off, I couldn’t eat it.  The friendly waitress did bring us a free thickshake though. It helped but didn’t save it.

 Later that evening, still hungry, I saw a Facebook post that broadsheet did on Le Bon Ton and I couldn’t contain my excitement. We did get there around 9pm which meant a lot of the star dishes had run out but I have to say what we had was pretty damn good. Chicken Wings cooked in the smoker, boneless buttermilk chicken, brisket sandwiches… fantastic. The only downside was the wait, 2hrs for chicken wings which is totally understandable considering they had just opened. I don’t need to go into further details about this place, just go there; you’ll hug yourself for it.

There are so many other participants in this food battle to try and to review but lets leave that for another time.





I’ve always had diaries. For a long time I have always wanted to start a blog. For the past couple of weeks I’ve thought about it seriously. Not necessarily about making money or even attracting people to it but just writing.

I had a relatively shit day today. I woke up late, fell back asleep and my boyfriend was already in the shower so I had to wait. Was even more late, drove to pick some birthday cakes for my manager and found it was closed. Got to work figuring I could pick up a cake a lunchtime and while looking for a parking spot was bullied by a frustrated driver who happens to work in my building and get this, was driving a car with the business logo on it. Getting called a stupid cow, or a silly bitch or an array of other insults is not new to me and I’m sure its not new to everyone else. Let’s be real, it stings, but you can let it go because you’re probably never going to see the person again.

But today was different. Today, I had the chance to stand up for myself because there was someone I could hold accountable. We as women, heck, as people are always being told to fight for our rights, to take a stand, blah blah, but as it turns out, when I did take a stand, I was treated like it was my fault! How dare I come into my office and talk about what just happened? How dare I complain? Whats worse is someone high up in the hierarchy of their business can call my office (while i’m out) and then bully a co-worker about something that happened to me? Outrageous I say, but hey, maybe I should just buck up. Said co-worker may just write to The Age about it.

Regardless, this is now a great outlet for this kind of crap and it gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to get this show on the road.

So, welcome to my mess.